Saturday Sailing 9/7/11.

Sunny Saturday, and yet the main car park was fairly quiet. I can only presume visitors to the Chasewater Site were either on holiday or at home watching the  Qualifying for the F1 race on Sunday from the muchly revamped Silverstone Circuit.

There was a good number of club members at the pool today and also some new boats again. My RMAS Moorhen being one of them, making its first "sea trials". Carl was keeping the crowds happy with his brushless new speedboat, not he has managed to get all the setup right, it really does fly, although comments to suggest it could actually "fly" over the pool island were left unanswered by Carl !


Saturday 16th July

Rugeley Power Station open day AND  Chasewater MBc were intending to send a crew over there to take part in the "build a boat bag" challenge.

If anyone is interested, can they please contact MARK Hough  :    OR  07730616751   ASAP.
Mark will not [unfortunately] be at the next pub meet, due to other committments, so please make sure you contact him directly so he can make all arrangements for this challenge.

Next tuesday evening will be a pub meet, but any members may still sail at the pool during the day, but remember the pub meet will start at 7.30pm prompt, so if you have any information regarding possible club attendences to events, ro have a boat problem you would like to discuss with fellow members, feel free to pop along.

The Bring n Buy / Swap meet IS taking place on SUNDAY 31st July, so dont forget to place your booking for a selling table before they are all fully booked, we onl;y have space for 40 tables so dont leave it till last minute or we will not be able to guarantee and spare ones left.
They are being booked on a "first come/first served " basis, as several clubs have also been invited to attend to make it a better event.   is the address you need to make your table booking.