Member update

Chasewater MBC recieved  membership application form number 33 today, so the club continues to grow steadily and hopefully better for all of you.
I have recieved an update from Rugeley, concerning their open day event. YES they will permit non rugeley members to sail their own boats on their pool BUT, you MUST let me know beforehand, so I can forward the organisers a list of numbers AND types of boats that will be sailing on the day. We have had some interest within the club membership concerning their "bin bag challenge" and we may be putting at least 2 teams in to the event, if you might be interested too, please register your "interest" with me and I'll send you all the details.

One of our latest club members to join has kindly sent in some pictures of his own collection of boats, I have uploaded them to the site for you al to see and enjoy. Mark is hoping to bring the Apache to the Greensforge open day, so if you want to see this beut' in the flesh, please form an orderly line and we will issue tickets !!  [ha ha].