Tuesday meeting 12/4/11

At the turf lodge pub meeting a few items were discussed including the problems a few of our members have incurred when attempting to race their fast electric boats in conjunction with the rangers department operating their canoe hire in the same pool. Whereas other boats are able to steer and avoid the canoes whilst in the water during our club sailing sessions, the higher speed boats are unable to maintain full control or operate at the speeds consistant with their design. So after discussion it has been suggested that these boats should sail when the canoes are not operating, so could be sailed before or after the canoes operating hours.
this will also become a little easier for all, as due to the lighter evening hours getting longer, we can extend our club sailing hours, especially on a Tuesday and for example sail as late as 7pm currently, so we could always delay our club sail time untill 5pm, rather than the 1.30 pm currently set. this would then also allow those of our club members who work weekdays a chance to sail during the week as well.
The pub meets will now also go back to monthly meetings at the "Turf", these being on the "Second Tuesday" of every month. Thus allowing for evening sailing on 3 Tuesdays of every month.
  Dont forget, as club members of Chasewater MBC you can sail at any time to suit yourself and dont have to limit your model boat sailing to the times stated here, but if you wish to sail with other club members of have access to the club rescue equipment of marker buoys, then these are only available on club sail times.
   Doc is stil  chasing the club fleeces that are still outstanding, so please bear with us, they will be available as soon as we can get supply.  Admittidly it is almost tee shirt weather, but lets get the fleeces through first before we venture in to another garment supply!
 There will be sailing on Saturday for any club member wishing to sail, but remember the transport SHow is on Sunday and Chasewater Model Boat Club is attending too and we will have some gazeebo's setup for boat display and we will have boats out on the water during the day as well.