Saturday Sailing 23/4/11.

Today's sailing afternoon certainly saw some very nice sunny and warm weather again, quite unusual for a bank holiday weekend, but the wind did pick up later in the afternoon, which helped out the 2 sail boats we had there, but didn't do much for the air temperature, "at least it stayed dry" !
There was quite  few club members sailing this afternoon and a couple of new boats too. mark brought along his "still yet to be completed" Sea Commander, Come on Mark, its about time it was completely finished, the cockpit looks so bare minus its wheel and control panel, let alone a couple of seats. Mind you a navigation light set was mentioned some time ago, but not fitted as yet. I took along my pusher tug, to act as rescue boat, but was not needed today, all boats managed to sail nicely and not breakdown on the pool.

Tuesday sailing is at 5pm guys, so don't forget and turn up too early !