Saturday Sailing 16/4/11

Well, considering on how nice and SUNNY the weather was today, club member numbers poolside was very scarce to say the least. I arrived early afternoon as 2 club members were just about to leave for well earned lunch.
I took along my Egrete pusher tug and my Sun Tug, basically to give them both a battery test, to see how long they will last, ready for the display show we are putting on for Sundays transport show.  Unfortunately, a few minutes after setting the pusher tug in to action with its barge, the tug his a submerged obstruction and it ripped one of the kort nozzles off, giving the boat a very unusualy lack of steerage, so it had to be removed from the water, pending replacement kort !
The Sun tug however, lasted all day and in fact, my transmitter battery warning was about to shout out, as I called it a day after some 4 hours of smooth sailing around the pool.   Tony, one of our new members brought his fantastic Victoria Sail boat along  and with the slight to moderate breeze, blowing down the pool, had as much fun as I did myself.
Strangely enough the canoes barely showed much interest untill late in the afternoon, so there was more than enough water spare for everyone.

So battery on the sun tug is now recharging, so is the batteries in the transmitter.

We hope to see as many people AND club members on Sunday, please feel free to pop along and have a look at the static display of some of our clubs boats and also see some of them in action on the water during the day.