Chasewater Transport Show 2011.

The weather was booked in advance, and held out dry all day, apart from a little cloud during the afternoon, but it did not stop the crowds of public attending the show and also making a visit to the sailing pool. My sincere thanks go out to all the Chasewater MBC members that attended the event and also for providing their gazeebos which worked more as sun shelters than anything. there was a good variety of display models on show and the majority of them also took their turns in pool action too.  Mark brought the marker buoys so they were put in to action, creating 2 seperate steering courses for the scale and slower boats as well as acting as both a border line, to try to keep the canoes clear, but also as a larger course line for the fast boats.
  There was a great deal of interest shown in the club and also quite a lot of questions asked about some of the models on display. The clubs new leaflet displays worked well and a fair few leaflets were picked up by the general public. Who knows, some of them may be returing in the post for membership applications.  The club boats were put to test and kept a few younger visitors entertained for a while too, something to be monitored if we may need secondary batteries to enable further sailing availability in the future.
   Our next club show will be coming up shortly, so dont forget to book your place before the event please.

One with the pictures :.