Tuesday Sailing. 18/1/11

Well, todays sailing will have to remain "unknown" for now, as due to me  and mark not being able to attend the poolside this afternoon, no details or pictures are available .
  I presume some of the club members winter projects are coming along quite well now, but you still seem reluctant to sen in your pictures and details to show your progress. I personally have almost completed the Pusher tug build and it went for its first sailing on Saturday [see earlier post], I am now working on my 49 inch Perkasa renovation project. this is having to be a full strip down and rebuild as all the internal work was put together poorly and all the glass fibre resin used to bond everything together did not fully seep in to all the matting, so has had to come out for replacement. the original powerplant was a small petrol engine, this was not suplied with the hull, but never mind, it would of had to be removed anyway, to sail on our pool due to the "no I/C 2 ruling by the Council. However all the mounting platforms for the motor, fuel tank and radio tray have been removed, quite easily due to the poor fixing with the resin mix.

The Stern exhaust covers for the gas turbine exhausts has been removed and 3 35mm film holders have been installed so it now looks like the ports are open, as if fully running. The original covers, glued closed dont really look authentic when running on the water, So the film tube lids will also come in handy now as the covers, to be resited in the open position, against the  exhaust cover platform.  I will also be fitting a transom flap, to aid the correct "planing angle" of the boat this is usually preset at 1degree angle.   I have chosen to retrofit the powerplant with twin Graupner 700BB turbo motors,  with a pair of 45X props and 5mm shafts. I havwe left the original centre rudder in situ and simply added 2 outer rudders to run directly behind the 2 main propellers. This should "hopefully" give this boat some good turning potential, using all 3 rudders.
 Mark [Chairman] has been reported to be again progressing with his "Fletcher class " boat and has its propellers turning at last. is other project a fishing/dive boat is also coming along fine too.
  Alans tender [again?], Sorry  Alan! Alans "crash tender" is "under construction" still, but few update pics would be good, so come on !