Saturday Sailing 15/01/11.

Well !
Our first official club pool meet of the year and to be honest, it almost didn't happen, as for all those who looked up at the skies and thought " NA", you were wrong. I almost said the same thing to myself, but decided to go along anyway. yes, ok it was rather windy and for the first time there were actually white topped waves breaking against the far shore, you would of thought it was the north sea at times, but towards the latter end of the afternoon, the wind did change and drop in strength. BUT, the rain held off for all the club members who did attend and please accept my sincere apologies if I didn't get round to say hello to you all, but it was really great to see so many poolside for out first meet of the year. A BIG  "THANK YOU" to you ALL !

I hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did. My new build pusher tug had its first outing on the pool and behaved as good as I was expecting, especially considering the choppy water I managed not to swamp the bows with waves and tried my best to keep its speed down due to its flat fronted bows.
there were some new members to our club visiting for the first time and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we all look forward to seeing you poolside again as soon as you can manage it.
Don't forget, next poolside meet is on Tuesday afternoon, starting off around 1.00pm. Weather permitting again of course.

I also have to say a big thanks to Lichfield Council as it appears they they have installed another new bench on the main paved area, close to where we gather to sail our boats, It is appreciated and thank you.

So, on with the pictures. HHmm, Ive not been able to say that for a few weeks, but hope you have still managed to keep up your visits to our club web site, minus the club sailing pictures, so here's a super bundle for you all.

OK, yes we have some video clips too, for all the speed freaks ! [ha ha].

Apologies for the dark images, but as you can see for the look of the sky, It was not the best of days, but at least it was only the boats that got wet !

One more Special thank you too add to the list.  Both myself and Chasewater Model Boat Club wish to thank Steve, from Model Boat Bits [ ]  for visiting us this afternoon and  bringing along his mountfleet tug, It was great to meet you and thanks for the chat!