Pool's back in action !

I visited the Chasewater Pool this afternoon, being as the sun was shining and the outside temperature guage at home was reading just over 6 degrees.
SO. the pool is almost clear of ice, there is just a sheet of flating/drift ice about 20ft in diameter, up by the island, but the remaining water is clear.

APART from water birds that is!
BEWARE there are a lot of water fowl on site an actively swimming around, searching for food. Worst culprits are the inconsiderate  "humans" who  simply saunter up to the pool, right behind you and scatter deadly white bread all over the water, this causes panic amongts the birds which fly over from all sides of the pool to secure a crust.

Be careful when trying to sail, as the birds are food crazed and may not see your boat, nor its propeller/s.
I took my Sun tug out for a spin, along with my newly completed barge, fortunately, towing around at a fairly slow speed caused no problems, but quicker craft may have tio be more aware when sailing for now.

The pictures were taken this afternoon, the third one shows the drifting ice sheet, be wary of this as it did drift from one side of the pool, to the other whilst I was at the site. Being able to power your boat across snow may be one thing, but "ICEBERG" is another thing alltogether [remember Titannic].

So Sailing's back on Guys,
Tuesday afternoon's after 1pm
Saturdays after 1 p, also.

The pool is available of course at all other times too, but if you want to meet other club members, then these are the times someone from the club "should" be on site. I will add "weather permitting" here too, as who knows what there may still be left lurking up in those cloulds!