Mid week Updates.

I am still continuing with my Perkasa rebuild, today's task has been to install the motor mounts and the propeller shafts, so after carefully marking and drilling the hull to accept the propeller shafts, the motor's were lightly fitted to their mount plates, so I coule ensure full alignment between the rudders and motor mounts, to get as straight a line as possible. I have also tried to get the angle of the propeller shafts as low as possible and as far as I can gauge [by eye] they are at about 30 -35 degrees max. I have also installed a shaft support, 20m behind the propeller to reduce vibration and shaft flexing under load. I have applied the first filling of epoxy resin to seal and bond the propeller shafts in situ, further epoxy will follow once this has dried off.

In the meantime Daz our ever eager Speed fanatic has finally got to the painting stage of his latest creation. if looks are anything to go by, then this one surpasses anything he has designed and hand built so far, as I think you will agree after viewing the pictures he has kindly sent to me today. WELL DONE DAZ !

Ive added a couple of pictures from earlier in the build, just to show what it looked like, [in primer] before Daz applied his colour choice, which I must say, does the design full justice and definitely speed appeal and that's just standing still !