CMBC AGM report.

Following on  from our Club's first AGM meeting, the following things have now been clarified.
mark Hough, will continue as Chairman, he will also look after th club equipment and I will assist in organising the clubs events throughout the year.
I personally [Steve Gregory] Will act as Secretary,treasurer, membership secretary and of course, will still maintain and update this blog site.
We will shortly be opening a club bank account so all fee's will be safely banked and kept out of any burglars temptation.
The club "sub's fee's" have finally been agreed.  there will be an initial  "registration fee" added to the club membership fee, to cover initial administration costs and addition of a members handbook and discount offers pack.
The "offers pack" will entitle any CMBC member a range of discounts off  the suppliers listed on our web site "recommended suppliers page", but you will need to give both your name and membership number to secure the discount as the suppliers listed will have a current copy of our club member list to ensure discount is ONLY given to actual members. this discount scheme makes out membership  very attractive and helps you the modeler get better value for money from your club membership.

The club sailing days are BACK.

NEXT SAILING IS       SATURDAY   2PM!    [15th January]

Anyone interested in membership, please email me at  and I'll send you further details by return.