Winter projects. 6/12/10

Well, we have our first members winter project to display. mark has recently purchased this graupner "micro magic" from Howes Models. Nice one Mark, don't forget to send in some pictures of the actual build, lets see how it all fits together.

Following on from this, our club High speed fan Daz, has managed to start work on the first of the prototypes for the proposed club racing school.  So rather than me get all the facts n figures wrong, heres a few words from Daz, along with some pictures of the build so far. Dont forget, you can send in commenmts and suggestions [CLEAN please] and they will be posted too, but dont forget, the Clubs December meeting is coming up soon, so please try to be at the Turf Pub next week [14th]. [mines orange n lemonade - driving !].
The 3 types of hull im working on is a cat,F1 and a mono but these would be designed to run all the same motor,esc,prop,and hardware (strut and rudder assembly) etc.
Iv got do it as cheap as possible for it to be cost effective for the members.
This is what iv got so far:
The hardware.
31mm prop
80amp rc max esc
2845,3600 kv, watercooled inrunner motor but also looking at a 450 Heli 2415-07T Brushless Motor 3850kv
2s 3000mah 35c Lipo
iv also got a water cooled motor mount if we decide to go “outrunner” motor as well as just a normal mount for “inrunner” motor.
I Still have to decide whether to use a standard servo or mini servo either which will be metal geared.
But your opinons would be appreciated on this.