AUGUST 2022 Club 500 race

 Another hot one on and off the lake as a great turnout of 8 racers turned up for the cut and thrust of the monthly Club 500 race. 

Piers remembered to turn up for this one and looked very much the pace setter with his shiny new machine but unfortunately getting through traffic proved to be challenging as his boat was to be found upside down too many times today. Phil had some technical issues which caused him to lose a few laps. Pat was going strong and managed a win in heat 2, other heat wins going to Simon and Stu.

For whatever reason it seemed quite difficult to drive the course today. Why that should be I have no idea, I did think it was maybe a shorter tighter course but we were two laps down on the fastest from last month. Either way there were good points to be had if you could stay out of trouble and keep your boat the right way up.

Pat our Race Director allowed a little extra time between heats today due to the very high temperature causing the motors to get very hot. Indeed as soon as racing finished I removed my motor and dunked it in the lake to cool it down and hopefully save the magnets which don’t like getting hot.

As always a big thank you to everyone that turned out especially Lorraine for doing the lap scoring and Owain Gwilt who spent most of the morning in the middle of the lake as a marshal righting the many upturned boats. Without his help many people’s day would have turned out