Tuesday Sailing, 21/6/11.

Longest day 2011. the weather looked a bit overcast and windy when I left my house to drive to the pool, but the banking around the Chase pool served its purpose yet again and sheltered the pool nicely away from too harsh a cross wind.
I can only presume Wimbeledon or BBQ time held a lot of you back home, never mind, more water space for those who did turn up !
Daz was there, testing out the revised layout of his Saga Cat, now its dropped to single motor/prop its taking some setting up to get it to handle and also get back its old spark of performance, but with its low amperage esc, its a delicate line to ride between speed and amp draw which could blow the controller, maybe its time to leave "as is" untill a higher amp controller is to hand .
Carl also arrived with his latest boat, a rather nice little deep vee hull with some very nice shaping to the hull too. yet again, setting up was the game for today and this was still going on even after I left for home!
Mark brought along his Sea commander, but seems as if he is ill fated with drive motors as the boat was dry docked with another crispy set of windings, ah well, at least they are easy enough to swap.

On with the pictures!