Sunday 500 sailing 24/6/18.

Sunday 24th gorgeous sunny warm morning to run our 500 race which had been put back a week.
Terry and Paul laid the course and we lined up at 10.30 for the start.
This is a great little boat and provided some really close racing with the usual fun and banter, thrills and spills. The usual sob stories after the race, being rolled over, hitting each other, broken props and broken dreams.
The results were:
Race 1
Places  1st Piers, Terry, Paul, Phil & me last
Race 2
Places 1st Terry, Piers, Phil, Paul & me last
Race 3
Places 1st Paul, Piers, Phil, me, & Terry last
Race 4
Places 1st Paul, Terry, Piers, Phil, me last again.

Great stuff lads, I pulled the course in, thanks as usual to Ed for scoring
There was plenty of sailors at the club following a great night at the beer festival , Pimms and fizz night and the Punk Ukulele band were on good form
All the 500s returned in 1 piece but on inspection we found Tigger to be split both inner and outer hull on port side.
I have made repair with drilled and screwed Alum plates, plastic adhesive and Gorilla tape it should last at least this season but keep your eyes open for a cheap recovery boat. I asked at Sailing club and they don’t have any spare but maybe the innovation activity centre need asking?