Sunday Sailing 22/10/17. & twilight sail videos.

A few brave souls, Terry, Paul,Phil Piers and myself ventured to the pool this windy Sunday morning for the Club 500 race.
The wind was whipping the waves into seemingly Atlantic rollers so we decided to cancel the race but we would sail the hardy 500`s anyway.
It was quite exciting as they leaped out of the water bobbed and bombed about us barely in control at most times.
As it was a cold wind we decided to empty the water out of the boats and have one last launch then the intention was to go home and have a warm.
Terry launched first and we all stood watching as his boat sped off in big circles into the pool. It became obvious that he had no control as with a fully charged 4000 lipo it was going to run for at least 10 minutes and after tracking it by sight it was circling in the middle of the pool. We all split up Alan arrived and we walked over the Dam but could not see it as it would have drifted in that direction.
After a while Terry phoned saying he had parked up at the Ski club walked to the waters edge and there it was right in front of him beached. All`s well as ends well and we all cleared off to fight another day.
Next “official” 500 race will be held on the next Sunday after our next meeting 2nd Tuesday in November. Don`t forget any boats with lights at the pool this Tuesday evening.


A nd now for a couple of move clips of the twilight sail, which took place before our clubs AGM last week. Many thanks to Paul for sending over.....