Sunday Sailing report 19th feb '17.

     A pleasant morning as we looked out of our respective bedroom windows and arrived on site to white caps on the waves and a stiff Westerly wind which was colder than you would have thought.

Even putting the course buoys out proved quite difficult as when you stopped paddling the wind quickly blew you out of position and Terry in a moment of desperation threw a weighted buoy overboard which sank 2 ft below the waves.
     Mark turned up to try his newly moulded Huffy but it was too rough likewise for Terry`s Pursuit which ended up side down.The only 2 doing any good were Ed & Mark with their respective sail boats taking advantage of the wind.
    The second 500 race took place at 10.30, Ed kindly being press ganged into keeping score again,which we thank him for doing and Trevor keeping time both being paid the usual Sunday morning crap rate of time and a turd.
     7 boats took to the waves, rolling and bouncing about as only a Club 500 can, sometimes you wonder if we have much control over the things at all.
The result after 5 hard fought minutes saw  Vaughan retire before the off, Terry in his Kamikaze style tried to mate with my boat and broke another prop (that`s about 1 per race so far) and finished 6th. Piers had some bad luck with 3 laps. The other boats all in contention finished with equal laps (12). the positions were me 1st, Paul 2nd, Phil 3rd, Tony 4th.
      The weather, not getting any better, bought some non starters, Vaughan went home and Tony sat
 it out. Then  again after much initial close racing both Terry and myself having turned over, the results were; well done  1st Piers 14 laps,  2nd Paul, 3rd Phil both on 11 laps me 4th,Terry 5th and that was it. I think all enjoyed it and its good fun for £50 quid. 

       The next planned race is Sunday 19th March, after the club meeting in March though we may well get another unofficial race in a couple of weeks.
      The First evening sail, boats with lights will be on the evening of Tuesday 14th March prior to our next meeting in the clubhouse.
     Thanks to Steve for getting the hand books printed and distributed along with the membership cards etc and Andy for the newsletter.