Sunday Sail. 18/12/16.

Sunday 18th Dec
Sunny, cool  and calm wind, water just right (but that`s enough about me)!
A good jovial atmosphere & spirit with a good turn out and all types of boats there, some fast some not so and some watchers.
Those that went to our Christmas meal last week all commented favourably.
Ed bought some lovely mince pies and John a bottle of Taylors Port( other makes are available) as we toasted to all having a merry Christmas. Thank you both for that.
After getting that serious business out of the way we ran the 1st of 2 Club  500 races, my boat being withdrawn with corroded receiver pins.
Terry, Paul, Tony and Carl taking to the water in vengeance. Ed doing the scoring and me watching for foul play, of which there was much, as usual.
After the “normal” threats, thrills and spills with Paul leading most of the race the finish followed its familiar result pattern, Terry winning with 16 hard fought laps, Paul 2nd, Carl 3rd and Tony finished his highest position of the season 4th or last as we call it!
Vaughan has taken some pic`s to be shown on the blog site and I will forward a few more when I get round to it.
The WD 40 (thanks Paul) having worked on my pins( not my legs I hasten to add) we lined up five abreast for the final 500 race of 2016, Terry already having received the trophy for winning the most races this year. Which he mentioned.
The sporting barging, barracking and poor steering ensued (as usual) with a very close race and some nifty overtaking giving Terry as (again) the winner with 16 laps, me second on 16, Paul 3rd, Carl 4th and Tony 5th all on 15 laps.
Carl doing very well until a lapse of concentration let others past, a few scuffs and bangs, with all boats finishing, all in all a good fitting end to the year.
Just before packing up we held a straight line drag race to see who had the fastest 500, all being fairly evenly matched Terry did have slightly the faster, as befits, along with his great racing skill, him thoroughly deserving the 2016 Trophy. Where he hides those 3S Lipo`s i don`t know?
Paul and Terry have new 500`s being commissioned & built for next year, so after the Christmas dinner & pud get your 500`s up to scratch for next years races.

After thanking Terry and Paul for setting  out and collecting the buoys, locking up the compound and Ed for scoring, may I personally thank all in the club who have sailed or helped in any way, Andy for the Newsletters and Steve the Secretary for his Sterling work at the helm in 2016.

Wishing you all a “Merry Christmas”, we are planning to get a mid week sail in on Wednesday 28th approx 10 am, see as many as can make it in Christmas jumpers and hats. Those that cant make it have a wonderful New Year too.

 Thanks to Vaughan for the above photo's.