Sunday Sailing 18/9/16.

Just a short report from last Sundays sailing 18th for the Blog site please.
Beautiful sunny morning, must be the calmest water we have ever had. Access was easy as the car park barrier had been removed.
We had about 10 members all sailing a variety of craft in all shapes, power and size combinations, from pursuits to sailboats.
Regarding sailboats, the sailing club, true to their word, have re fixed the jetty which makes launching long keel boats easy again.
First time out for my Lynx and handled the water with ease even the waves from the wake off the ski boats causing no concern.

As per usual 1st Sunday after our monthly club meeting we held a “club 500” race on our own course which i thank Terry for setting out, in advance, at the crack of dawn.
1st race at 10.30 had 4 racers ,Terry, Vaughan, Phil and me all eagerly awaiting the off, called by Terry. After the usual mad sprint to the first buoy it settled down to some keen racing with plenty of overtaking and cutting up each other to get in front. Terry rammed my boat from behind in his usual aggressive but fair manner, this time he came off worse and rolled over. This was another obstacle to negotiate until Mark came to the rescue.
Result Terry 4th, 11 laps.Phil 3rd, 17 laps Vaughan and me both on 20 laps each with Vaughan taking 1 st place.
The second race was delayed a short while as Carl sorted his 500.
Off we went again fearless into the 1st corner, Vaughan steering even more erratic than usual complaining of steering problems and lack of power, Phil hit something and turned Turtle leaving Carl, Terry and me to battle it out.
After a fair bit of friendly banter, cussing and laughs.
After a seemingly long 5 minutes, time was called, though Carl continued to race himself.
Result Phil 5th, 4 laps. Vaughan 4th, 10 laps, Carl a commendable 3rd, 19 laps and Terry and me, both on 20 laps each,  Terry taking 1st place.
We all left licking our respective wounds and looking forward to the next race.
Lets have more 500 racers in future please, its great competitive fun, the boats will handle any weather and driver. Lets have some cheap fun.
All the equipment put away, we locked up and left. Thanks for Ed for keeping the scores again.

Don`t forget evening sailing soon, as the nights draw in, light up your boats and sail at dusk.
Till next time.

* Just to give you all an idea, heres a few images of my own Lifeboat, taken at our last Evening Sail on the old boating pool.

You can simply add just a couple of led strips, powered from a small battery pack if you wish, or a full blown set of christmas lights..... er mains powered not advised !