Sailing reports 14/08/16 & 16/08/16.

Sunday 14th
Calm warm morning, water level reducing, good sailing was had even if my Surfury went rapidly on full power across the lagoon, stopping just short of the bank and destruction.
The 500 race was the usual hoot with lots of fun as usual with no major damage.
The first race was fairly evenly contested Terry, Phil and me all on 22 laps poor Vaughan having all sorts of problems with 12. I was first which came as a shock.
The second race started well with lots of Criss crossing and no collisions of note, my boat leading again until some stray rope from one of the buoys(Terry) fouled my prop and stopped me. Terry eventually winning with another consistent  22 laps, Phil 21, Vaughan 19 and me 10. Good humour, banter and fun was had with thanks to Ed for scoring and looking the part having splashed out on his first pair of Wellingtons (Sheep watch out).....
Tuesday 16th
Our first sailing on Tuesday proved popular with good warm weather, flattish water and levels receded, much further, giving plenty of shore. A good jovial atmosphere prevailed.
A goodly turn out sailing sailboats, a semi scale police boat, and a variety of fast electrics zipping round. My run of bad luck continues with a roasted split LIPO but no fire nor explosion this time.
Crew in attendance Mark H, Mark T, Carl L, Ed, John, Phil and Pierce, Barry, Don, Terry, Paul, long time no see Mac and me.
The Battery for Tigger is fully charged and in the box.
For info the members who want to do a dusk/night sail take note, Sunset times are as follows:-
3rd Sept 19.42
10th       19.26
17th       19.10
24th       18.54
1st Oct   18.38
8th         18.22
15th       18.07