Sunday Sailing 10/4/16.

Thanks once again to Pat Hall for providing the report from Sunday Sailing.

Alas on the cancelled Regatta day the weather was partly cloudy but bright with a moderate wind, still a pleasant morning for sailing. Enough wind to see a couple of sail boats on the water from Terry & Paul early on.
The water level looked a little lower too but had waves and the occasional wake from the ski boats causing a bit of interesting chop.
Phil with his Riviera cruiser and my Huntsman driven by the 2 gothic chicks looked good and a new member sailed his destroyer along with his friends vintage war ship but the waves were just a bit too high.
Paul, Terry and I had good fast fun with the “Pursuit” boats flat out and handling the waves well. Another new member Barry showing his new pro boat racer but not on the water yet.
John tried his Huntsman and new Wolves coloured 500, both looked good, John, not wishing to beat us in the 500 races yet, did not enter it.
Carl had his tug and 500 running well, Chris used our recovery boat frequently and Ed doing the scoring for the 500 races, making up the numbers and were both a great help though neither sailed any models, thank you guys.
The 2 Club 500 races drawing 5 entrants in each race, which still appears to be as much fun as you can have, whilst keeping your trousers on, and for an outlay of about £50 quid.
The usual thrills, spills, breakdowns, crashes and utter stupidity ensued. The usual banter, jokes, excuses and laughter being ever present.
Race 1 all 5 set off at a pace on our triangular course I made 1 lap and radio failed, Paul was 4th after having his spoiler knocked off before reaching the 1st turn, Carl was 3rd with 17 spirited laps and Terry just winning, though he and Phil completed 20 laps each.
Race 2 proved equally jovial and light hearted or did it? Phils boat was last after a collision seizing his prop shaft, Carl got stuck on a rope after hitting a buoy. Terry hitting most things as usual but unusually in 3rd place leaving Paul and me to battle it out. Paul pushed me but eventually stopped and i limped home to win with only 1 blade on my prop. All the models returned pretty much in 1 or 2 pieces, wounds licked ready for another battle i mean future race. Most of the buoy`s survived too.
Sorry about the cancelled regatta but all who attended still had a most pleasurable days sailing.
Don`t forget the club meeting on Tuesday evening at 7 for 7.30 at the Chase water sailing club house. Come along for a chin wag and a beer.