Sunday Sailing 14/2/16.

Many thanks again to Pat for providing this report from last Sundays Sailing.

IF ANYONE can assist Pat next weekend, please let me know or if you already have Pats contact details, please contact him directly, so we can retrieve our rescue boat before the Ski Club claim it.

Just a shortish report on a calamitous day at Chasewater.
Weather nice and bright but cold, ok when wrapped up.
Strong easterly wind blowing away from sailing club but water was calm close in to shore as the bank formed a shield.
Terry and Tony using their new boys toys which proved easy to start and easily coped with the waves further out.
Paul had to “sit it out” while his new hull is being replaced.
Vaughan used his Pursuit in the calm sheltered area.
A couple of other members arrived to take in the fresh air and watch a potential new recruit an ex Navy guy sail his splendid warship. I hoped to chat to him about joining the club but events precluded that and i apologise if appearing slightly ignorant.
3 Buoys were set out in triangle shape and Tony was keeping score.
Terry, Paul,Phil, Vaughan and me lined up for a 500 race. Vaughan had to pull out with a broken servo, we set off in time honoured fashion for the 1st buoy. Phil engaged my boat and i lost out, rolled, and floated away. I used Tigger to recover the boat and waited to see if any others needed recovering which they did not.
Terry took his normal place winning with 25 laps, Phil second with 23 and Paul 16.
After being helped out of Tigger and emptying my of water boat we were amazed to find Tigger floating away at a fast rate of knots. Terry with his ball ended fishing rod cast out to catch Tigger but he couldnt hit a barn door with a banjo and we waved her goodbye toward the opposite bank.
Normally there would have been help from the sailors but they are on a jolly to Barbados.
Mel joined me in driving over to the Ski club and helped in getting Tigger out of the pool and leaving her at the Ski club. Thank you for that Mel.
I will charge the battery and sail her back to the sailing club next Sunday weather permitting. I have outboard, battery, oars and life vest.
Any help would be appreciated please.