Sunday Sailing 1/11/15.

Many thanks again to pat for kindly putting finger[s] to keyboard for the Sailing report.

Short report from All Saints day Sunday 1/11
Slightly foggy, still morning and for the 4th week at least flat calm water.
Pursuit boats were in abundance with at least 6 yellow perils blasting around the course a few different set ups but all at fast speeds.
Along side that were a couple of fast cats, one losing an on board cam and other fast mono`s throwing up rooster tails, could be good racing for the brave or foolish?
Mel showed a lovely fishing boat. Karl and Phil with more sedate models with Phil continuing his bad luck when a split coupling busted a hole in the hull of his new RAF boat eliciting a fast response from Mark in Tiggy who rescued it with just its bow bobbing in the lake.
Two 500 races took part with the usual crowd 6 taking part this week, Terry the timer and Ed on the scores. Thank you for that chaps.
After the usual bravado and threats of introducing a swear box the six set off on what turned out to be customary bumpy race with only 3 finishing.
Terry 1st, Vaughan 2nd, Phil 3rd, Carl 4th & retiring and Both Paul and i not managing to do any laps finishing last.
The second race Carl scratched and Paul scoring no points left some fun close racing with strangely again Terry winning and lapping all others in the process Phil with better luck and Vaughan both scoring 18 laps  and me as usual getting belted & battered into another last place with dead boat.
Great fun should be another 500s race on Armistice day next Sunday.