Sunday Sailing 27/9/15.

Many thanks to Pat Hall for providing the following on last Sundays Sailing session:

 Just a quick report from last Sundays sail on a gorgeous calm sunny morning.
John was trialing his Model Slipway Aziz 1100 mm long scale tug, very well built and sailed lovely.
Phil sailed his cruiser and 500, Carl D his tug and huntsman type boat, Vaughan and me with our sailboats and 500`s
We had 2 “unofficial” 500 races with varying degrees of success but loads & loads of fun, as usual.
Mark arrived later and tried his new 1 metre sailboat which looked to have great potential.
Wednesday only Ed with his sailboat and me with my crusader and Yorkshireman tug both enjoyed the tranquility on a lovely evening.
This coming Sunday 4th i hope to run a more formal 500 race or 2, 10.30 am 1st race.

Note the Tiggy battery is fully charged !