Model Boat Stolen !

Ive been asked to place this on our website, hopefully someone  somewhere may see this boat and can assist in getting it back to its rightful owner....

HI please would you ask your members to be on the lookout for a stolen boat
Krick Victoria with a Chedder Puffin Steam Unit
If they should see it or be offered it please contact the police or Colin Travis 07905028298
Stolen over the weekend 5th 6th September 15 from the Burnley area

Regards Colin Travis Mutual Model Boat Society

Further to the 3 club 500 races held on Sunday 13th, good fun was had by all who took part and the results were, 1 st Terry 42 laps, 2nd Carl L 42 laps, 3rd Pat 39 laps, 4th Phil 26 laps and 5th Carl D 14 laps. 
Mark did a good job as scorer and we will run at least 2 races next Sunday 1st RACE at 10.30.
Pat Halls latest purchase, a nice tug that suits our lake.