Huddlesford historic Canal Boat Festival

Both myself and Andy Benfield made the trek over to this show on Sunday, the weather was not as bright and warm as it was on Saturday, but according to  the show organiser, the show was well attended on Sunday, as they had to open up 2 further fields to allow for car parking !
We had a good number of visitors to the stand, including Pat Hall, many thanks for your support, hope you tried some of the fayres from the other stands before you left, the ales and food looked really good. We did manage to hand out some club leaflets and offered some advise to a few people interested in boating as a beginner too.

There was no Sailing at Chasewater on Sunday, as the power boats seem to of taken to the water, can only presume it may of been their "memorial event", but no one had mentioned it to our club.

Yes ! it is a tank, well I have to have some entertainment at home, works great in the garden !

Site security!

On site entertainment

some of the fabulous cars on show too.

YES, selling cheeses from a canal barge.