Tamar build update 3/4/15.

I have now managed to finish off the cooling system for the powerplant and all is now in place. The cooling water runs first through the motor cooling plates, then up through the controllers before making exit through the stern exhausts outlets.

The electrical panel is still "under revision" as numerous other "item" are checked for positioning, so its size/shape/positions may vary a little yet.
I have added the Y boat deck door hinges to the underside of the deck, so they have plenty of time to set before work on the doors continues.

The temptation of the cabin steps took the better of me, so as an offshoot from the main build, I had a go at soldering these together, not an easy thing to do with so many joins so close together. Stay in one place too long with the heat from thew soldering iron and the nearest two joins melt !