Sunday Sailing 26/4/15.

Sunday report and pictures
Last Sunday saw dry but cold weather, all members present commented on the condition of the water it is crystal clear and not a weed or underwater obstruction in sight ( I hope im not speaking to soon ).
It was a general sail what you bring day and a variety of boats were put on the water, including a very unusual Russian torpedo boat sailed by Richard.
Phil and Pual had the usual coming together of club 500s resulting in Phils boat turning turtle and Pauls boat breaking its prop and bending the rudder.
It is testament to the hardiness of the little boats they don't sustain more damage.
We were joined later by Alan and Titus who brought along his lovely big tug that was really at home on the pool.
Lets hope the weather gets a little warmer for the sailing clubs open day next Monday,
Enjoy the photos.
Mark Hough