Tamar build update 25/3/15.

Well, heres a turn up for the books, two updates in one week. I decided to have a go at some of the stern end bits and pieces, as a lot of kit has to go in before I can even think about joining the deck to the hull and finally trimming the upper cabin to the deck profile.
So, I went for the twin exhausts, then found I'd overlooked the stern tow eye, for slipway retrieval [oops!]. So after much jiggery pokery I managed to insert 6 x 1mm headed brass bolts and nuts to hold it securely to the stern.

cocktail stick in picture for a reference point for the minature bolts.

So now on to the exhausts, I need to find an exit point for the motor and esc cooling water so am going to try and do this, via the actual exhausts on the boat. So I drilled out a centre hole, sufficient to take a small piece of brass tube, then drilled two smaller holes and tapped them to take some stainless steel allen bolts. The brass tubes are held in with epoxy and the bolts inserted from inside, with the unwanted thread cut off after the glue had set fully.

Oh and as a finished touch, I cross drilled the exhaust flaps, so they pivot too ! the picture above shows the exhausts prior to the extra thread being removed.