Tamar build update 20/3/15.

Sorry no update for a while, but other household chores to clear out the way first.
I have got round to installing the bilge keels,  after cutting two slots each for the pegs to fit through the hull, thus allowing them to be drilled and installing some brass pins, which once filled with resin, make for a better bond. I also did the same trick for the main keel extension, The kit shows this made from a spaceframe build. I strayed from the kit and made mine from a laminate of styrene sheet, but with the inner two sheets having the "location peg" to allow internal fixing inside the hull too.

The next job was to start the shaping of the bow thruster cowling, this being purely filler, so start lightly and add as it dries, this is after second application, but with no sanding as yet.

So yet again, whilst other items are drying, Ive started on the inner hull front bulkhead, you will see from the latter pictures, exactly what the purpose of this is for, yep, im fitting a ghetto blaster ! 
No  Sorry ! its for the sound system of course, "silly me ".

This image now shows the addition of the water cooling pickups which will also be piped to cool the motor controllers too. At the top of the image, you will also not a hull cross brace, just to keep the hull sides at correct width now, so the deck is a good fit, width wise for its later bonding on.
The the top of this image, the twin rudders are finally in too. So I can now make up the rudder servo box and fabricate the linkages. I also have to bear in mind the overall height of this bit of kit, not to encroach in to the Y boat area, so all has to be kept low and all the screws made accessible from above, once the deck is fitted here.