Tamar Build

Progress is slowing a little on this build, it seems that every styrene part i cut out of the printed sheets needs either trimming to fit, or replacing with a larger item now. Id suggest that when the drawings were done, no account was made for the different thicknesses of the styrene used to build it, so every time you go to put more than two pieces together, at least two items need adjusting.

Never mind, all part of the thrill of boat builds!

 Now to add the rear boxes

 The front windscreens now in, along with final roof panels, all having to be fitted almost at same time to get them in alignment. As well as replacing the two outer front screen panels, as the originals were wrong shape to accommodate all the angles.

Work will commence shortly on the hull, whilst the upper cabin dries thoroughly before doing too much more to it as the liquid glue does tend to soften the plastic as well and bond it really good.
I will add the hull side edge bracing for the deck first, as there is some serious cutting out work on the transom door to do once the hull is strong enough to take it without too much flexing!