New boat build

Well, suppose it had to happen. Being as im curently stuck ashore, as unable to sail on a Sunday, what better else to do than "build yet another boat "! Thanks to "eagle eyed" Mark, he put me on to an Ebay snip. A Tamar Lifeboat kit, opened but not started. Ok so the price was cheaper than buying "new" but its as good as.
So heres a few pictures, including what it looked like after 3 hours!.....

As you can see, its a kit for someone who likes building in Styrene and vac parts, right up my street to be honest. I am more at home working with plastic than trying to saw bits of wood and perform miracles of getting wood to not absorb water [ha ha].
The kit is definitely an "Ikea" jobby, loads of flat packed plastic parts, all needing careful cutting out and sanding before fitting together. Oh, heres a clue as to what it "might" hopefully look like once completed.

I won't say why I chose this one, lets see if you can all guess the reason behind the choice......