Sunday Sailing 11/1/2015

Heres a report from our Club Chairman, Mark Hough.

Report from todays sailing.

Rough, cold and windy sums up this morning.
Well it was more like the South Atlantic than the west midlands. but I suppose it is the middle of winter in England.
Carl and Myself were the only ones brave enough or foolish enough to get the boats on the water.
Not surprising there are only a few pictures from today.
A few members tried on the new life jackets and I am pleased to say they were very happy with them.
Because of the conditions we then went to the ski club to have a look at the conditions there.
Unfortunately the site was locked and so we couldn't get to have a good look.
The water levels are on the increase, and the jetty is just beginning to touch the water again.
By 10.30 it was decided that it was much to cold to stay, and so several of us went to the railway cafĂ© for a warm drink and a chat.
Mark Hough