CMBC Saturday events update 18/10/14.

Dear all, as you can appreciate, the main lake is still not yet up to any attempts at sailing so its still buggy time for a few club members, here's MArk's latest report for you.

A number of us went to the pool last Saturday for a chat and a play with the buggies.
There was more talking than playing.
Sorry but I managed to get just 2 pictures the batteries went flat in my camera.
Despite the recent downpours there is still no chance of sailing, and the state of the pool is terrible and very muddy.
A reminder to members wishing to attend sunset sailing event at Rugeley this Saturday 25th October.
Contact Kate at  by the 22nd October, with their car reg number, and make of car.  


Met Office Warnings Issued For: West Midlands Conurbation

  1. Yellow warning of wind

    0010 on Tue 21 October
    1800 on Tue 21 October
    Updated 6 hours ago


    Gales, and more locally severe gales, are expected to affect much of the country on Tuesday. Whilst Monday night will see wet and windy conditions sweeping eastwards, the strongest winds are expected to occur after the rain clears and winds veer northwesterly through Tuesday morning. Gusts exceeding 55 mph are likely inland, with 60 to 70 mph gusts in some exposed coastal areas in the west and possibly to around 80 mph around coasts in northern Scotland.The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel and possible damage to trees. Difficult driving conditions will result, perhaps exacerbated by surface water and spray in places. This is a further update of the warning first issued on Saturday, now including central areas of Scotland, where latest evidence suggests an increased risk of localised disruption.