Club member build.

Unfortunately, we are having some difficulty sailing at the lake site at the moment, due to CRT having to drain the water level down to replace a faulty valve in the Main Dam wall.

However, a a little booster, one of our club members has been busy in his workshop and wishes to share some pictures and info of his latest build:

This is my attempt at the type 45 destroyer HMS DARING, it is made totally from A4 SIZE styrene sheet. no plans just made it by eye from a few photo's of the real thing from the net at time of launch and sea trials. the hull is five mm thick and made up of 1 mm A4 sheets (5) sandwiched together in alternating layers with 3 mm styrene sheet as bulkheads. the whole superstructure is also made of A4 styrene sheets 1 mm thick. it has rotating Samson radar as well as rotating rear radars (2), moving phalanx guns on both sides as well as rotating main deck gun.
the helicopter deck has fibre optic landing lights set in the surface and all I need to do is find a heli to complete.
the ship is 64 inches long with a 10 inch beam and runs from 2x 12v lead acid batteries powering 2x 600 motors with torque cans, turning 50mm props.

Nice one Mark !