2014 Sailing Regatta - CANCELLED !

I have just got back from the pool, and after a good look at the state of the jetty and water, and chatting to the members present I have decided that it will not be possible to hold the regatta in September and it would be wise to postpone until the water level gets back to a reasonable level.
This is due to work being carried out on the dam in September.
We were informed today by the Chasewater management it will be necessary to draw another metre of water from the pool.
The members who did manage to sail today, commented that they had watched the water fall several inches while they were there.
As you can see in the pictures the jetty is now almost completely out of water, and we expect that by the weekend launching boats will be almost impossible because the weeds will be above the water level.
It is with much regret and a heavy heart I have had to make this decision, but I am sure you will understand it would not be right to allow other clubs to come along and for them not to be able to sail their boats.
On the upside I feel we should use this situation to make any improvements and adjustments to the jetty, the steps and to remove and underwater twigs we have had any problems with.
Therefore I propose we have a working party on Saturday30th August from 12 noon onwards.
If you can help please bring along your wellies and any equipment you feel may be of use.
I hope that while the water level is low, club members will continue to meet up on a Saturday afternoon for a drink , and a chat to discuss our projects and any concerns you may have.
Mark Hough  

* The lowering of the water level of the main lake is to allow safe access for workmen to replace a faulty valve within the dam wall, Unfortunately it means draining off 1. mtr from current level [as of 18/8/14]. The valve is scheduled for repair in Mid September, but they are allowing adequate time to reduce water level prior to this. Once the repair is complete, the lake will then be allowed to refill naturally AGAIN !