Saturday Sailing 12th July.

Saturday 12th July 2014
First off all apologies for the poor photo quality this week, I must have had the camera at the wrong setting.
Well we were lucky again with the weather, very warm with a very light breeze.
The Lowe family were present with their latest boat the Thunder Tiger Trimaran Volans.
Terry, Carl, Pat and Paul made the most of the calm weather and had a couple of good fast electric races.
Phil and Carl put Tigger through its paces and made a couple of rescues.
Pat sailed his Huntsman with its newly fitted brushless motor and its performance was very good with a impressive turn of speed.
Finally a reminder that due to the powerboat races next week 19th and 20th July, there will be NO SAILING for CMBC.
If you are planning to watch the races we have been advised to be at the pool as early as possible , as the attendance is expected to be very high.
Mark Hough    

Our latest rescue boat in action.

Huntsman + Brushless motor = FUN !

Our Clubs FIRST trimaran.