Saturday Sailing 7/6/14. " Interclub FUN Racing

Firstly, my appologies  for lack of attendance, but I have a lot of jobs to do around my home currently, the majority of them quite urgent, so my sailing time has been dramatically reduced. My thanks again to our Club Chairman Mark, for the sailing report and pictures.

What a day, around 9am I was almost tempted to make a lot phone calls to cancel todays interclub event due to the atrocious weather.
However I didn't and the gamble paid off.
Despite raining when people turned up at the pool it didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the many skippers that joined us.
At this point I would like to say a massive thank you to all that came along, especially the members of Sandwell and Rugeley clubs who made the journey through the rain,And as usual Les, Lynn and the staff of the cafĂ© and bar. 
Throughout the afternoon we managed to get in a total of 5 club 500 races.
The first race was competed in a rain shower and with amount of boats on the water it made for lets say a very interesting race.
Close racing was almost guaranteed and with skippers on their best behaviour accident, were minimal.
Then the weather changed, and the sun came out and the jackets came off.
The rest of the afternoon could not have been much better, with ample sailing between races for other boats to have a sail.
Congratulations go to the Sandwell club members who were the overall winners of todays racing with a total of 3 race wins and Rugeley and Chasewater winning 1 race each.  
As well as the club 500's you will see in the pics yachts were plentiful and spent a great deal of time on the water and along with other craft there was something for everyone.
Once again thanks to all for taking the risk to join us.
Don't forget it is meeting night this Tuesday, starting at 7pm a few of us are planning to get there a little earlier for a sail prior to the meeting.
Mark Hough    

Our sincere thanks to the "Cafe Crew", Service with a smile too.