Saturday Sailing 3/5/14.

A great start to a Bank Holiday weekend, the weather could not of been any better, hardly a cloud, sunshine, warm temperature. Ok, so a little more of a breeze for the sail boats perhaps, but we can't seem to get all we want.
There was a good turnout of club members sailing their boats and even just happy to stand and chat on the bankside too.
The lake water was almost "millpond", ok so apart from the odd spell of tsunami's coming in off the full size Ski boats that is, but providing you kept one eye on your boat and one on the water, they were easy enough to spot and just slow the speed down accordingly, till the waves hit the shore bank and subsided..
Yes, we now have some new boron additions to the lake. rest assured we always do out best to steer well clear of the wild birds and try not to distress them unduly.

Carl, still trying to get air under the boat.

er, I don't think sideways is the quickest way to travel !

Yep, more air under this hull too !

Who needs a stepped hull anyway?

ooops !