Saturday Sailing 5/4/14.

Sorry, but due to problems at home, I was unable to attend the Saturday afternoon sailing session today, so here is a report from our club Chairman.

"Unfortunately no pics from today.
It was a lot calmer poolside today, but the rain was very intermittent.
The club 500s had most sailing time today and a good time was had by all.
Carl made a good job of destroying a perfectly good lipo in his new cat which is now consistently performing well and very reliable.
Terry tried out his new fast electric which seems to go very well and handles the course well.
Reminders to all that this Tuesday is meeting night.
Carl and myself are going to get there a little earlier for a short sail before the meeting why not join us?
Apologies again for the lack of pictures and the short report.
Mark "

So here is a bit of an update on the Sea Commander I am currently building. I have now added the stringers to both sides, being s these are made up of two strips of wood, each has to be bonded on separately, plus swapping sides too, so as not to add any twist to the frame, just to keep things even as the instructions recommend.

The next challenge is to add the lower keel sheets. 

The prop-shaft is in place, but not bonded in yet, not until both keel sheets are secure. As with my Sea Nymph build, I will be also adding some polystyrene block in to the nice open spaces between the hull sides and the bulkheads, just for a bit of safety buoyancy.