Saturday sailing 26/04/14.

Well if you wanted to see how choppy and rough you can sail a boat on, then this afternoon was one to try it on. The breeze was blowing steadily across the main lake, rising some rather choppy water as it did so. Nevertheless, it did not deter the Club 500's from giving it a go. Our club have recently purchased some new marker buoys and we have to thank Mark, Carl and crew for laying out the new markers for the 500 course. Mark also went out and laid a few more out for the fast electrics, marking a bigger course for them to sail on
My apologies for a low number of pictures this afternoon, but most of my time was taken up laying some anti slip matting on the new Jetty and access ramp, Thanks also to Mel for his expert cutting skills, all went without a mis cut or reject piece and yes, all the roll was utilized to the max.

As you can see, very choppy water indeed !

The newly installed Jetty, now with anti slip floor.

Some of the new marker buoys