Saturday Sailing 12/04/14.

The weather this afternoon was good, dry a little sunny on occasion, but still had a fair amount of breeze to create some waves on the water and also a challenge for those with sail power.
Mark did a bit of buoy marker maintenance from our rescue boat as well as a fair amount of boat rescue as a few of our craft needed assistance during the afternoon, including one of his own!
We had a good number of our regular club members sailing as well as a few we have not seen for a while, so nice to see you back sailing guys!
The Club 500's had a few more practice races around our course, albeit minus a damaged marker from last week, funnily enough the same culprit took yet another marker out this week. Perhaps its time to dish out a rescue boat penalty!  We won't mention any names but we know and you know who you are !!! [ha ha].
Mark, doing a bit of maintenance.

running repairs in the pits, or should I say "dry dock"?

Yes, plenty of "air" under that hull.

Definately "free air" underneath this one!