Saturday Sailing 8/3/14.

The turnout of club members and weather were a great match, many thanks to all of our  members for making the effort today. The afternoon had some mixed sailing between scale, fast brushless and club 500, er "practice".
There was a fair bit of breeze, which did not help the choppyness of the water plus the full size ski boats added the occasional bit of swell too. But it did not prevent some interesting and at times entertaining sailing.

A wave caught Carl out, more than once - see the video !

Boy racers doing doughnuts in a car park I've seen and heard of BUT on water ??

My cat's stopped on the bank, I didn't want to risk them on the choppy water.

Many thanks also go to Terry for joining our club and we hope that all the other people  who turned up and took home some forms, we can provide the club atmosphere you are looking for.

If anyone else is interested in joining our club, please contact us via email :_