Saturday Sailing 29/3/14.

Firstly apologies for delay in publishing this post, but an early night Saturday for an early start, plus clocks going forward left me with no time to complete until now.
Never mind, think the wait will of kept you all eager and keen for the next set of action pictures. thanks to mark for sending in a few from his camera too.

The weather on Saturday was dry and reasonably sunny, but the wind was certainly blowing a steady breeze, enough to make the water choppy but still sailable. It also made the full size yacht sailing on the main water even more exciting, some pictures from this will be found at the bottom of this sizable pic posting.

a leaping boat !  

The choppy conditions certainly  tested the skills of the controller

On the edge

Just on the speed limit of these choppy waves

And now for some full size kit!

A lot of sails can often get even the experts in a knot

No, not the ski ramp !

Yes, some do get caught out and need assistance from the rescue craft to help right the boat back