Saturday Sailing 22/2/14.

Firstly, my own apologies for lack of report and pictures, but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, I had to cancel my visit to the sailing site for this week.
So here's a report from our club Chairman instead:

Heres a report from today.
It was a nice winters day ideal for the yachts although slightly gusty at times, Paul, Carl and yours truly,
Pauls one metre design yacht looks really nice on the water and sails as good as it looks.
Carl and myself took our new built yachts based on the Racing Sparrow design, and if I say so myself we are very pleased with them they need a little bit of tweeking but nothing to worry about.
There were four Club 500s sailing around the course and we had great fun Carls and his boat were the fastest of the day, I think we should have him dope tested.
Seriously it was great fun and the racing was done with a spirit of fun, which is what it is all about.
Between races there was free sailing and it was nice to see Daves Sea Hornet performing well, and handling the sometime choppy weather.
Thats all for this week, please accept my apologies for the lack of pictures.
Hope to see you all soon.
Mark Hough