Sailing r/c boats at our Sailing area.

There have been a few incidents lately with people turning up at our Ski Club site sailing area and sailing r/c boats WITHOUT permission.

PLEASE be reminded that this is a PRIVATE sailing area and unless you are either a member of the Ski Club or Chasewater Model Boat Club you are NOT permitted to sail here. Not until you have joined our club.

Feel free to contact our club via email for full details.

Unless you can prove your membership of our club by means of your valid club membership card YOU WILL be asked to leave the site.

MEMO  to our won club members, please make sure you carry your membership card/s with you whilst sailing at Chasewater, you will be approached and requested to identify by a member of the Ski Club and /or an official of Chasewater Model Boat Club.

Harsh words I appreciate, but some unauthorised people leave us no choice................