Saturday Sailing 7/12/13.

A slightly cold but still nice afternoon,  you could almost forget it is December. There was a slight breeze that came across the lake from time to time, but unfortunately, insufficient for Phils yacht. the lake water was almost mill pond, except for the bow wake put up by me Mersey lifeboat [again]. I tried my best to keep out of the way of the faster boats, in fact took the Lifeboat from the water to allow Paul some "flat water" for his Blackjack and he still managed to flip it over with a little too much throttle on a straight run. More practice needed to reduce the rescue boat time I think, getting the boat from its moored position to starting to paddle out needs working on, perhaps we ought to start a book on how quick someone can effect a "self rescue" [ha ha].
The main lake has been filling well during the past couple of weeks, especially as CRT are not due to extract any water for the canal network now until early in 2014.

Well, we all hope that Father Christmas  brings all your Christmas wishes on his travels in a few weeks.
Hopefully he will remember to drop a parcel off at my own home

It's a "Sprint F3 from Hobby King. Purchased on "cyber Monday" of all days, so grabbed a good deal whilst they had an offer on.
All Ive got to do now is pace the floor till it arrives.
I just simply have to see if those front air spoilers do their job !

So, any more "pre known"  presents en route? for any of our Club members, please let me know [with photo's] so we can all share.