Saturday Sailing 28/12/13.

It was a welcome break to see some sunshine and calmer weather today, after all the high winds and rain we have all had to suffer the past few days.
All the rain has had many knock on effects, including a large influx of water in to the Chasewater lake. Our landing stage becoming completely submerged by the rise in water level.
A big thanks to Mark, Carl and Paul for their efforts this afternoon, to raise the platform and resecure at a higher level, so all could start sailing.

 Carl's latest Cat, stretching its legs.

Our floating harbour is also now in need of having the anchors repositioned,
before it becomes a submarine pen !

A New 500 build from Phil, having its first sea trials

Competition was not far away a s Paul's 500 also took to the water for first trials too.

Carl's "Stealth" conversion having its first outing.

A nice wood build from Dave, seen here prior to first trials.

What's wrong with people, cant they see a black and white broad striped Lighthouse, sitting on a rock ?

Club membership fees are now due folks for the 2014 season, so for those who are yet to dig in to their Christmas funds, please remember to pay your fee's whilst our discounted renewal offer is still on. Once you reach the end of the month, sorry but offer ends !
If anyone one else would like to join our club, sailing here at Chasewater, please get in touch, sending your full name and address details to: