Saturday update 19/10/13.

Rugeley Power Station Club       Sunset Sail.

Firstly many thanks to Rugeley for inviting our club [and others] to attend their Sunset Sail  event.
the afternoon started off well, with dry but overcast weather, but still allowed for some sailing sessions.  Unfortunately due to working commitments, I was unable to get there from the start of the event at 2pm, so missed out on their "fun boat race" which was for boats made entirely from paper!
There was a club 500 football match, which I must say ended up more of a rugby club match. there were more "off the ball" tackles going on that goals. Not a game for the faint hearted, looked fun at times but just did not seem to have enough control to make it work fully. My own personal opinion here, but definitely not something I would of let my own boat get involved in.

The rain set in at around 5pm [as predicted on the forecast] which curtailed all sailing and the majority retired to the club room.   unfortunately the restaurant staff stuck to their guns and refused to take early orders for food and made everyone wait out till their 6pm official opening time, which left a lot of people with time on their hands and not a lot to do.

Fortunately the wind eased the rain clouds away and  some of us managed to restart a free sail session, purely to kill time, whilst the remainder sat in the clubhouse and ate.
As darkness started to fall, those remaining to sail decided they had had enough and we returned to put our boats away as the club room remained full , so we said our goodbyes and returned home.

We did not stay to see the sunset sail session as in my opinion [again] things had gone too late and too dark to see clearly for safety reasons, especially on the wet grass and rain soaked steps leading down to the pool edge.

here's a few pictures of the afternoon.

Club 500 "football?"


Victoria Yacht race [plus others]