Chasewater MBC Regatta 2013.

Firstly, Many thanks to the clubs that came along and supported our event, Sandwell MBC, Kingsbury Water Park MBC and Birmingham MYA, it was great to meet you all and for you to take the time and make our regatta even better by your attendance.
Many thanks to Les & Lyn in the cafĂ© who did some sterling work behind the grille and bar ! And to the Ski club for allowing us to use their area to hold the event.
Last but not least, thanks to Joyce, one of our club members for volunteering her time to look after a home made cake stall, where many different cakes, jams and chutneys were all for sale.

The weather held off till we had almost fully packed away, so it remained dry and mostly sunny all day. the event was split in to half hourly timed sailing sessions, to keep the super fast separate from the slower craft, so we planned out for scale, Sail and fast electric sailing as well as a few "free "session for one and all.
A blind sailing competition was held during the day, allowing teams of 2 people to test their skills of listening to commands given by the other, to enable a model boat to steer through a marked out course. not as easy as it seems said many.

On with the pictures!

The ever so popular cake stall !

Our floating harbour, which proved very popular too.

This was so fascinating to watch all the oars working

A Southampton tug moves out the way before ramming speed is drummed up

A "team" at work on the blind steering competition

not that easy to guide someone else through the markers

Last challenge of the course, Home base.

Pictures PT 2, Kindly  supplied by Andy Clifft.


We do hope that you can come along and join us at our next Regatta in 2014.